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Meditation for Creativity

07/17/2017 12:30 PM

@ Saratoga Springs, New York
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Saratoga SpringsNY 

Meditation for Creativity

Although it's true that creative production can be driven by angst, mindfulness is often a more realistic, and pleasant, means to facilitating creative flow. In this class we'll practice using meditation to release obstacles, remain open to new ideas, and to more actively engage in the present moment.

If you've struggled with meditation before because you can't “empty your mind” you might appreciate this approach to watching, rather than pushing away mental events. By observing the internal obstacles that slow us down or block us completely from accessing and realizing our ideas, meditation gives us space to respond differently to challenges. Replacing the habit of aversion with allowing makes it possible to relate with more integrity to ourselves and to make room for inspiration.

Facilitated by Alexis Katz, cost is $10.

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